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The best things to do in Rome and Milan

So it’s nothing to conceal that I really miss Italy. The streets of Rome and the people in Milano. It’s been years since I have been to Italy but it’s really one of my favorites countries, I only wish that I could speak Italian.
But for whom who have never been to Rome or Milan, you have so much fun in front of you if you are planning to go!

So culture-wise and city-wise I really LOVE Rome. The small, tight streets that never stops and never stops giving. It’s everything you can ask for and think of when you think of Italy- with small pizzerias at the end of the street with loving people. I really miss it.

But when we were there we also did some touristy things, haha and I highly recommend everything that is a tourist attraction- there is a reason why everyone wants to see it.

We rented an Airbnb close by the Vatican so that was the first thing we did in Rome. It was raining this day so that was kinda a killer. I don’t know how we got there, or how we found it but, we went through an entrance where there was no line at the security, and saved so much money by not buying the fast-track ticket – but this was not the main entrance because when we went further in we saw this huge line!

As the 2 other days, we just walked without having a plan for what we were going to see. We just took the metro to Spagna (the metro in Rome and Milan was also so easy to use- you just have to remember to always carry cash- something that I never do in Norway) and started with the Spanish steps and saw everything else we had to see. Wish we could stay some more days or even weeks.

The last day in Rome was all about me getting traveling documents at the embassy as I got robbed the night before – something that’s also bad with Rome, it is so much tourism that it so many thieves stealing there.

Colosseum was phenomenal! but as we didn’t go inside I have no idea what is like inside…(photo from my Instagram– follow me there if you want)

I didn’t take a single photo of my food haha but omg the food is sooo amazing! It’s to die for! Freshly made pasta and pizza that you can see being made while you are sitting at your table- what more can you ask for?

Wine-wise I can’t say that I have something to say as the only alcohol we drank was bottle’s off Prosecco before we were heading out town to the clubs.

Milan is the best place if you are planning to go to Italy to party! It’s a more “gray” city than Rome but it has more fashion, more party and even more handsome guys living here- the real model-Italian-guy.

As we were only in Milan for 2 days we didn’t get to experience so much- and we were also so tired when we arrived in Milan after walking so much in Rome. We did actually take the train from Rome to Milan and I highly recommend it! It only takes 3 hours and you don’t have to deal with all the stress that comes with airports BUT! I highly recommend that you buy tickets in advance – that was something we didn’t do and had to pay 3 times the price that we saw online 2 months in advance…

I really liked Milan as well and I am highly considering going to universe here! It’s Milan or NYC. And I have to come back to explore more!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Love Ida.



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