Back to school

So first day back at school, can’t say I was excited, or still am. I am just so tired and this is my life for the next 6 month. But the last 6 month of school will probably go fast af which I can’t complain about haha.

The January sale has also started so of course I ended up going shopping with my sister yesterday. We started with eating sushi- the first salary of the year equals first sushi date of the year, delicious as always. Ended up buying a jacket, pair of jeans and a sweater (will show you when I have the chance, love them and can’t wait to use them) 

Outfit from yesterday;

Coat- believe it’s my dads(?)haha not really sure, found it in my house. Pants- Kappahl. Sweater- Zara. Purse- Zara. Shoes- H&M. Scarf-Zara

Hope you all are having a wonderful week.

Love Ida

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