New blue door


Pants-Zara, Coat-My moms, but it’s from Zara, Scarf-my moms, Purse- Jennifer, Top-Pretty little things (first time using it and the quality is so bad, but the design is so cute)

Last night was so lovely. I went to Beach Club restaurant on Aker Brygge with my best friend and then later we went to the movies and watched Insidious the last key, it was okay but I have a feeling that it will be a followup haha, it just never ends.

Today has been a bit of a painful day. I visited my sister and we just walked around Oslo but omg my feets are hurting so bad. I was a second away from getting blisters from my shoe yesterday. The woman who sold me the shoes said that after some hours walking in the shoes they will expand because they are real leather, but my big feets are really feeling the pain. So I decided to wear my new everyday-high heels which and now my feets are killing me.


Besides all the negativity- I’m so ready to remove my makeup, eat Italian pizza, watch New Girl, drink Pepsi Max, put on a face mask and just lay in bed, ahh I am so tired from this day.


Have a nice weekend.

Love Ida.

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